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The 2022 fiscal year has ended.
It’s time to look back with satisfaction and present you with a taste of what we’ve done, thanks to you.

Osey Chail- A home for Lone Soldiers from Haredi Backgrounds

During the military service, many soldiers face physical and emotional challenges. Those soldiers use their family members and circles of friends during this period to gather strength and get through the period successfully. When an ultra-Orthodox young person decides to enlist, in many cases the parents condemn him and alienate him, disconnect him from the circles of support he had, and sever any connection with him.

A lone soldier from an ultra-Orthodox background feels alone in the world, without an economic, social and family backbone. He is required to face challenging military service alongside the loss of his previous life, and without the support of the people he most needs. We understand that such a soldier needs special care and treatment. We’re here for him!

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Osey Chail supports Lone Soldiers from ultra-Orthodox backgrounds, regardless of their current religious status, who experienced a family and personal crisis due to their decision to enlist in the IDF. We support them and help them rise from the dark place in their lives and provide a solution to all their needs – physical, social and emotional.

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