Our story

Osey Chail was founded in 2016 by Aharon Granot, a father of five, who heard of a Haredi young man that joined the IDF and was publicly and shamefully thrown out of his home and community. Aharon, and his wife Leah, invited the soldier to their home for Shabbat, eventually providing him with a room of his own. Soon, more and more such soldiers turned to Aharon, seeking help. Inspired by their dedication, love of Israel, and personal integrity, Aharon started renting furnished apartments for groups of them and matching each soldier with an adoptive family in the community where the apartment is located. Today, Osey Chail is a non-profit organization serving 70 such lone soldiers. Each year, as the number of Haredi soldiers increases, so does demand for our services.

Osey Chail works closely and successfully with the army, keeping in contact with the commanders and officers in charge of the soldiers’ welfare. Soldiers are referred to the organization by the IDF Recruitment Office, social welfare officers, or by word of mouth. Osey Chail also meets and assists young men and women during the months before their date of enlistment. In cases where the soldier is already estranged from his or her family, they are provided with apartments, food, and counseling, in addition to peer support, mentorship and preparation for their forthcoming IDF service.