When the Regional Commander Himself Contacts Us

One day, the phone rang and the display screen read: “Commander Maurice Hen.” My heart skipped a beat. It’s not every day that the top police commander in the region calls us. I hastened to answer. “Tomorrow, Dvir is being promoted in rank,” Commander Hen told me, as if I did not know. “I just want to make sure you’ll be there at the ceremony.” I was amazed! Since when does someone as high-ranking as the Regional Commander trouble himself with such trivial duties as making sure people show up at ceremonies? Here, I should tell you that Dvir Arieli’s uniform and virtues constitute a perfect balance between observing mitzvot—no matter how insignificant they may appear; he never misses praying with a minyan and always sets aside time for Torah study—and standing out as an outstanding police officer, well-respected by all his superiors. When I entered the Hebron Region Police Station conference room at 10:00 AM, officers and commanders were already seated around the table, with the Regional Commander at its head and Dvir alongside him. The ceremony had just begun and then, to my total surprise, Commander Hen invited me to award Dvir his stripes. That’s why he had called me to make sure I’d be there. He wanted me to enjoy the fruits of our labors and give Dvir the symbol of his rank. I experienced an authentic sense of pride.

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