Hol Hamoed Trips

What does a normal family do on the Intermediate Days of a holiday? They go on trips. So instead of spending their vacation time on base, our soldiers went traveling.

On Tuesday, we all went to Kibbutz Keramim, where we boarded the Range Rovers of the Zlil Mekhaven Company and went out on a trek over the southern dunes. The soldiers found the trip energizing as they listened to their experienced guides tell stories of the region and surroundings. After the trek, we all went into a nearby paintball facility, where the soldiers split into two teams. We left tired and happy. After the paintball game, a full-course outdoor meal awaited them, with lots of grilled meat.


The next day, we got up early to experience Deer Land. We enjoyed the zipline and other facilities and had a cookout lunch. In the afternoon, we returned, again tired but satisfied.

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