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A pleasure to come to the ceremony at the end of the paratroopers course and find out that M. One of our paratroopers is in fact the outstanding graduate in his company.

He came to US immediately upon drafting to the IDF and being thrown from home by his parents.

Quietly modestly and with much humility he conquered his place slowly.

The Osei Chayil family in general, and the Mor family, the accompanying family of his apartment, in particular, guided him through this long journey and once again stood excited and astounded, Tzvika, Efrat Moore and their children carrying banners for their own private hero.

  1. received his beret from the paratroopers brigade commander! He is spoken of highly amongst paratroopers.

Together with him J. also finished the course who comes from a rough background and some sad stories from home. We accompanied him as well together with Shai and Naama Nov and their family (who already have served as a family to a soldier who became an officer). At the end of the ceremony the two families met with all of us and together we sat on the grass for a big ‘Osey Chayil family’ celebratory picnic.

Purim events.

Purim has gone by and not without some excitement. At night our soldiers read the megila in the various synagogues in kiryat arba and in Me’arat Hamachpela. They proceeded to participating in parties in the kiryat arba neighborhoods and the jewish town in Chevron, during the night.  Some of the soldiers went to enjoy in other cities. In the morning the soldiers attended the colorful purim parade that takes place in Hebron.

After fulfilling the mitzva of Mishlo’ach Manot, we held a festive meal for our soldiers at the home of Aryeh and Moriah Akiva, one of our accmpanying families.

The soldiers ate and drank and had a wonderful time with each other, singing and dancing.

The ninth apartment project.

As the army draft subject becomes more of a reality, the number of soldiers that can no longer live with their families, increases.

These soldiers turn to us. some hear about us thriugh a friend.and some are referred to us by the army, but we do not have the budget and the demand is only increasing.

We opened a crowdfunding project (an all\nothing raised type), meaning if in a matter of days we do not acheive the target sum for opening the ninth apartment, 85,000 NIS, all the money we have raised up until now will not be collected.

People from all across the nation have helped out with this project.

The project also was accompanied by a number of articles and publications and won great attention.

There are 5 days left to complete the project and we stand at 93% financing

Link to donation:


Spring has arrived and it is time to celebrate Pesach.

The Osey Chayil family is preparing for Pesach, as does every family, only that we are a family of many children, many soldiers.

We have already rented out the hall that will hold all 50 participants of our ‘Seder’ which includes all the soldiers and their freinds. The Osey Chayil soldiers that have recieved a warm and loving home, wish to share that with their freinds, so we asked them to invite their freinds over for ‘Layl Haseder’ and they are doing it and getting a feeling of a real home.

Every Osey Chayil soldier will recieve a 750 NIS voucher for shopping in FOX (clothing store) as well as a new set of linen for the summer and some nice gifts for Pesach.



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