He was injured three months ago in a car accident

He was injured three months ago in a car accident, smashed his hands and feet, returned home not able to function. As the one that did not leave his bedside 24/7, we never believed that he would ever return to full function, but Moti was motivated beyond normal and he fought to get back and complete his full service.

Now he is in an operational driving course at the IDF Operational Driving School and will spend the rest of his service near the house as an operational driver in the Yehuda District Brigade.

And when the longing for our sweet child grows, and he is sleeping outside, during his training, where it is cold and rainy, we prepare a pot of hot soup and drive out to the parking lot of the training site, and fish it out to Moti and his friends. We are already longingly count the minutes until his return home, to a hot shower and the food he loves, already prepared.

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