Chag Sameach

Dear and honored friends.
The holidays period is coming to an end, we have passed Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with great success and we are preparing for Sukkot.
We built 2 Succot in two of the eight apartments of the organization, not including the private Sukkah of the head of the organization, Aharon Granot, where the holiday and Shabbat meals are to be be held for all the soldiers.
Every soldier who wants to can buy himself a set of 4 species at a reduced price subsidized by the association.
On Sunday and Monday of the week of Sukkot, we will all go on a fun trip to Eilat for all the soldiers. A bonding trip for the family of the soldiers.
Between Yom Kippur and Sukkot we visited the Netzach Yehuda Battalion and interviewed candidates for the new apartment we opened, in light of the growing needs of the individual soldiers and the great demand to join the association.
On this occasion, we would like to thank you, dear friends, for the great support we receive.
Your money is the fuel for all the good things we do for the soldiers who sacrificed everything, including family and community, in order to protect us and serve in the IDF.
You are full partners in this project, and you can say with satisfaction that even lone soldiers now sit together in one sukkah, Eat fine food and enjoy the company of one another just like soldiers who are not alone.
Thank you very much, in the name of 24 soldiers who have a home.
After the holidays we will send you a detailed report.

Chag Same’ach to all of you.
The osey chayil family.

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