Why did the association’s adoptive families argue?

When M. one of our soldiers got injured in a car crush, he had no idea of what a dedicated treatment he would receive in his apartment. We brought him back home from the Tel Hashomer hospital while he was with a cast on his hand and leg, without being able to move. And since then he has been in bed most of the time. We filled his apartament with food. Even arguments took place. As we say in Israel “riches’ arguments”. Almost every day there is an argument among the six amazing adoptive families of the association about whose turn is it to cook a meal for M. . And it’s not everything: on the top of our car we assembled a rack in order to be able to put his wheelchair so that we can take him to the doctors’ appointments, to the hospital and simply outdoors to breath some fresh air. Every night Aharon Granot comes to his room to take him to the shower. The highlight of his daily routine is the foot massage he receives from Aharon’s hands. The massage helps blood to flow in the injured areas of his body and helps recovery. Somebody wonders what would have happened to him if he was alone in a rented apartment? Or in the soldiers’ house? We don’t wish it to anyone but if already getting injured then recovery at ours

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