The seventh apartment

At Osey Chail, our work never ends. After setting up six apartments, it is time to open a seventh. Three soldiers who had been housed temporarily in other soldiers’ homes now have a place of their own. Starting a new Osey Chail apartment is no simple matter. There’s lots of work to be done: Finding a suitable location, signing a contract with the landlord. Sometimes, the premises need renovation. Then, the real work begins – bringing furniture. This too involves many phone calls to donors who offer furniture, movers willing to bring the items to the soldiers’ apartments. We then call on Elimelech Karzen (we call him King Elimelech), who belongs to the Osey Chail Board and serves as director of the Cave of Machpelah. Elimelech attaches a trailer to his car and sets out on a moving campaign all over the country, bringing furniture to our soldiers. After of few days of intensive work, the young men can finally move into their new home. No feeling can match moving into your own house, or the way we feel knowing we’ve done all we can to make sure that they feel at home.

Mazal Tov Avromi, Mickey and Mendy. You have a new home, complete with a house guest waiting for an eighth apartment to be added. Don’t worry. Two more guests will be arriving soon.

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